God’s Covenant People Need the Gospel

Read: Romans 2

The application here is that we must realize that being part of the church does not automatically make us right with God and that we must examine our own hearts and lives so that we are aware of our own sins and the seriousness of our own sins. This is so very important because the only way to be saved is through the gospel and the gospel requires that we understand and confess that we are sinners and that we deserve the wrath of God against our sins. This is the point that Paul is stressing in this second chapter of Romans.
— Rev. Jerry Hamstra

Introduction and the Need for the Gospel

Read: Romans 1

And so, when Paul says that the gospel reveals the righteousness of God he is saying something that is more relevant to you than whatever it is that tends to dominate your thoughts. The world is about God. Real life is about God. The purpose of everything is the glory of God. And so, this idea that the gospel reveals the righteousness of God is supremely important for your life.
— Rev. Jerry Hamstra

The Narrow Door

So, when Jesus says to those who are refused entry into his house, “I do not know where you are from,” he means that he does not have a saving relationship with these people. He does not know them in a saving way. So, it is not enough to know something about Jesus. It is not enough to call Jesus Lord. It is not enough to have some acquaintance with Jesus.
— Rev. Jerry Hamstra

Our Lord’s Meekness and the Christian Life

Jesus’ death on the cross highlights how much our Lord humbled himself. The reason for that is, it is impossible for God to die. How could God die? He is the source of all being! He sustains the life of all creatures! He himself is the life! Death is the product of sin but God is eternal and not subject to death. Nevertheless, God the Son in his human nature died on the cross for the penalty of our sin! Through his death on the cross, our Lord Jesus Christ perfectly and completely emptied himself. This glorious truth is the humility, which our Lord taught and exemplified through His life.
— Mr. David Chi