How to Give Thanks for Greig’s 54 Years of Service as an Elder

It is right and proper for us to give thanks to God for the graces he has worked in other people’s lives. It is right and proper to give thanks to God for the service people have rendered to the church. But we do this in such a way as to exult in the grace of God in the gospel. Leaders are a gift to the church. God enables leaders and others in the church to serve with zeal and self-denial and love and faithfulness. But we are all sinners saved by grace. We are all worthy only of death. Our most holy acts are mixed with sin so that they alone are sufficient to condemn us. The reality is that in ourselves we are all capable of nothing but sin. We depend completely and absolutely on the forgiveness and righteousness of Christ. Anything that we do that is good and beneficial is the direct result of the grace and power of Christ through his Spirit.
— Rev. Jerry Hamstra