The Person of the Holy Spirit, Part 1

Where do we look for the revelation of the Spirit?  Not at our lives, or the life of the church; we look to Jesus.  God the Father anointed Jesus with the oil, figurative for the Holy Spirit.  Isaiah's songs about the Messiah told this: the Father says, behold my servant, my elect one, I have put my Spirit upon him.  He taught in the Spirit, offered himself as our sacrifice through the Spirit, and did great works in the Spirit.  Yes, he had the Holy Spirit, and to know the Spirit then we look to Jesus.  So let us look to the life of our Lord Jesus Christ to understand the Spirit. This morning we will discover the person of the Spirit in connection with Jesus Christ's incarnation, his growing up years, and his adult ministry.  We will find as the Spirit was with Jesus Christ, so he is with us.

Read Luke 2:39-52