Chosen People

A Summary of the Joseph Story

Now this idea of God overriding evil and bringing good out of evil is a very important theme in the Bible. In God’s plan for the salvation of the world he is going to do that again and again. He uses evil in many ways to bring good as he did with Joseph and his brothers. The most important instance of this idea is the death of Jesus. Those who killed Jesus meant evil. The death of Jesus was a monstrous injustice. And yet it was also part of God’s plan for the salvation of his people and the renewal of the whole creation.
— Rev. Jerry Hamstra

Jacob/Israel Settles in Goshen

This evening we will consider this genealogy that we find in Genesis 46:8-27 and then the part of the story in which Jacob and his family end up in Goshen. Goshen was a part of the land of Egypt. The theological theme in both of these sections has to do with how God was making the offspring of Abraham into a great nation.
— Rev. Jerry Hamstra