Daniel’s Prayer

This passage provides us with instruction about prayer.  The fact that Daniel prays for something that God had promised gives us insight into the relationship between prayer and the plan of God.  Daniel’s prayer shows us the importance of having a Biblical understanding of the God to whom we pray, confession of sin and asking for forgiveness and praying for the glory of God.

Read Daniel 9:1-19

A Vision of Persecution

This vision centers on a period of extreme persecution of God’s people that would take place in the future.  The point of this vision is that God is in control even when his people must go through persecution.  It also teaches that the persecution will last only as long as God permits and that in the end the persecutors of God’s people will be punished.  Daniel’s response to the vision reminds us that we are called to show concern for brothers and sisters who are being persecuted today.

Read Daniel 8:1-27

Beast, Horns and the Kingdom of God

This is the first chapter in Daniel of what is called apocalyptic literature.  The purpose of this kind of writing in the Bible is to describe the struggle between God and his enemies using very colourful imagery. In this chapter the beasts, and the horns stand for evil kingdoms which seek to harm and destroy the people of God.  The message of the chapter is that God will judge the evil kingdoms and that the son of man will have an everlasting dominion.

Read Daniel 7:1-28

Daniel in the Lion’s Den

To understand the gospel we must understand what we are saved from. This passage teaches that apart from salvation all of mankind is unrighteous before God. It shows us a number of the characteristics of our sinfulness and confronts us with the truth that we are all accountable to God. The passage makes it clear that there is no hope of salvation from man’s side. We need to be rescued. The verses and chapters that follow describe how God does this in Christ.

Read Daniel 6:1-28

God Condemns an Empty Life

The overall message of this chapter is that one cannot defy the living God and get away with it.  This is a warning passage which stresses that our lives are in God’s hands, they are evaluated by God and if found wanting punishment will follow.  The good news in the passage is that God calls to repentance and God will deliver those who humble themselves before him.

Read Daniel 5:1-31