The Meaning of the Fourth Commandment (1) Holy Time, Blessing and Rest

God gives us a lot of freedom, but he also has a lot to say about how we must live our lives. And one of the areas where God tells us how to live our lives is the overall structure of how we use our time. He tells us to work for six days and to rest every seventh day. This is not an option. We do not have freedom when it comes to this structure. This is a decision that God makes for us. This is God asserting his authority as far as the use of time is concerned. And by submitting to God’s authority over time we are confessing that God is the Lord of our time. He is our creator. He owns us. He gives us time. He has the right to tell us what to do with the time that he gives us. By keeping the Fourth Commandment we are submitting to the lordship of God over our time.
— Rev. Jerry Hamstra