What to Expect


Simple Worship

Our worship is simple, consisting only of those activities and practices sanctioned in the Bible by precept and example. These are the reading and preaching of Scripture, prayers, congregational singing of psalms and hymns, offerings, and the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.


Historical Worship

While the Bible is our only authoritative guide for worship, we appreciate the deep thinking of past generations concerning the application of biblical principles to the structure of the worship service. Therefore our orders of worship follow the basic pattern of worship in the Reformed tradition.


God-centered Worship

Our aim is to be God-centered in our worship rather than man-centered. Our primary focus is on worshiping God, through listening reverently to God’s Word read and preached, singing praises to God, praying to God and celebrating the sacraments that God has instituted. We believe that our true needs are met as we learn to be God-centered rather than self-centered in our worship and in our everyday lives.  Our goal is not entertainment, but worship.



To be Christ-centered is a form of being God-centered. We worship with the profound awareness that we are sinful and are only accepted by God on the basis of what Jesus has done for us. Apart from Christ we are under God’s wrath. Our preaching seeks to show both our need of Jesus and the wonderful provision that Jesus is as our Saviour.


Congregational Singing

Our musical priority is the singing of the congregation. We are accompanied by various instruments, but they are aids for singing and do not dominate. We sing traditional psalms and hymns as well as a selection of carefully chosen contemporary songs.