The Fifth Commandment (1) The Basic Thrust of the Command

Now I want to remind you of the biblical context. God did not give his people the Ten Commandments as the way of salvation. He gave them to his people after he had already delivered them from Egypt. In our context, we must understand that keeping the commands is not the way of salvation; it is the way that saved people are called to live for the glory of God and for their true well-being. We should never think of God’s laws as the way to be saved.
— Rev. Jerry Hamstra

Parenting for the Fulfillment of God’s Promise

The world says that to find freedom you must define yourself and follow your heart and fulfill your desires. God says that that is the way of death. Instead he calls you to the way of life which involves submitting to the calling that he has placed upon you. The way of life is the way of conforming your will to the will of God for you and one part of that is that you enthusiastically submit to the nurture of your parents. Strange as that may sound in the light of the spirit of our age, submission is the way of true freedom and the way of life and the way of blessing and the way of being part of the work of God which is moving toward the ultimate of blessing in the new creation.
— Rev. Jerry Hamstra