The Christian Life

Read: Romans 12

In Christianity the exhortations to the Christian lifestyle are motivated by grace. The exhortations come after forgiveness and after the grace of release from the slavery to sin. They are motivated by forgiveness already given. They are enabled by the renewing power already given. They are motivated by love and thanksgiving and not by fear.
— Rev. Jerry Hamstra

Our Lord’s Meekness and the Christian Life

Jesus’ death on the cross highlights how much our Lord humbled himself. The reason for that is, it is impossible for God to die. How could God die? He is the source of all being! He sustains the life of all creatures! He himself is the life! Death is the product of sin but God is eternal and not subject to death. Nevertheless, God the Son in his human nature died on the cross for the penalty of our sin! Through his death on the cross, our Lord Jesus Christ perfectly and completely emptied himself. This glorious truth is the humility, which our Lord taught and exemplified through His life.
— Mr. David Chi

The Song of Mary

Jesus came on a mission of mercy because he came to save us from our sins. God’s mercy has to do with saving us from our sins. We cannot understand or appreciate the meaning of the birth of Christ unless we understand this fact and unless the horror of sin and its consequences are real to us. Jesus came to live the life that we should have lived, and he came to die the death that we deserve so that our sins might be forgiven and so that the power of sin in our lives may be broken.
— Rev. Jerry Hamstra

Truths of the Reformation (4) By Grace Alone

On the one hand we confess that salvation is by
grace alone. It must be by grace alone because before we are saved, we
are dead in sin and trespasses. When God saves someone, he brings a
spiritual dead person to spiritual life. We are completely passive at that
point. And yet in our experience we are active. We become aware of
our need of the forgiveness and renewal and what Jesus has earned for
us. We hear the gospel and we respond to it in faith and repentance.
— Rev. Jerry Hamstra

Truths of the Reformation (3) Glory to God Alone

Read: Psalm 96

Our greatest good and joy and satisfaction is experienced in glorifying God while the greatest harm for us is not to glorify God. We were made to find our greatest good in seeing and appreciating and worshipping and adoring God. The greatest blessing that we can know is to be filled with love and adoration for God. And the greatest curse that we can know is to be without love and adoration for God.
— Rev. Jerry Hamstra